Dog Training School Perth Services

Comprehensive services that cater to all breeds, ages & skill levels.


Leading Dog Training School in Perth

Agile Dogs training school in Perth promotes responsible dog ownership through professional advice on training and handling techniques, behavioural issues, equipment use, diet and all facets of your dog’s life no matter what breed, age, skill or behaviour level. Discover the comprehensive, caring services that cater to the individual needs of your dog.

Dog Obedience Training

Group obedience classes are available to all dogs 8 weeks and over, of all breeds and skill levels, covering obedience, socialisation and addressing any behavioural issues. Classes run for 50 minutes and include puppies, basic, control and advanced levels. We will provide you and your dog the necessary time and attention needed to improve and reach your training goals. In-home and private obedience sessions are also available servicing the Perth metro area.

Behaviour Consultations

In-home and private behavioural consultations are personally tailored to address the individual needs of your dog. From puppy issues to unwanted adult dog behaviours, we can assist you with all and any behavioural problems your dog may have. Behavioural consultations usually require only 1 or 2 sessions to address any issues and provide you with a solid training plan moving forward. We come to you, servicing the Perth metro area.

Puppy Training

Set your puppy up for lifelong success with Perth puppy training school. At Agile Dogs, we’re fully experienced and qualified to assist you with in-home pre-puppy preparation, in-home puppy consultations & group puppy training classes focusing on confidence through socialisation, behavioural training and obedience. Group puppy classes are for pups 8-20 weeks of age and in-home puppy services are available to the Perth metro area.

Complex Skills Training

Wanting to take your dog’s skill set to a higher level? Complex skills training will teach your young or old dog new tricks! Conducted in a group training class or 1:1 in-home session, clicker training will teach you timing, shaping and helps you refine your dog training skills. Suitable for beginner dogs, as well as those progressing from advanced obedience, your dog will learn tricks and skills such as beg, roll over, retrieve and place and more advanced skills and chaining.

Agility Courses

Dog agility courses are available to hire for Council and Community events and are a fun and entertaining feature for dogs, kids and owners. Agility is great for improving dog confidence, skill and agility and a great way to stimulate dogs and release energy. Agile Dogs provides set up, safe operation and pack down and can provide professional dog training and behaviour advice to participants at any event. 3 years participating in the annual Fur Run (City of Cockburn).

Dog Daycare

Dogs are social creatures and if there’s one thing you’ve already learned, it’s that they rarely enjoy being cooped up inside, at home, while you’re away at your 9-5. Let your dog socialise while you’re at work at Agile Dogs own professionally run dog day care. Coming soon is a brand-new dog daycare in Perth.